Character Profile – Celegorm

Sindarin – Celegorm
Quenya (mother) – Tyelkormo
Quenya (father) - Turkafinwë
Background and history: Celegorm is the third of seven sons of Fëanor and Nerdanel, most closely associated with another brother, Curufin. Celegorm is described as "the fair," which could mean either that Celegorm had fairer hair than most Noldor, be very fair of face or possess a strong sense of justice.

His name in Sindarin means “Hasty Riser,” meaning he is quick to anger.

Celegorm is a very skilled and accomplished huntsman, and friend of the Vala Oromë. Oromë taught him the language of the birds and the beasts and gifted him with the hound, Huan.

Along with his brothers, Celegorm swore an oath to recover the Silmarils crafted by his father, and stolen by the Dark Lord Morgoth. He and his brothers established realms in exile, waged wars against the armies of Morgoth, fought against their own kinsmen and ultimately destroyed themselves.

Celegorm captured and held the beautiful daughter of Thingol, Lúthien Tinúviel with whom he was completely obsessed. Huan, however, went against his master’s wishes and helped her escape.

Celegorm fell in the halls of Menegroth as he and Dior slayed each other. After a brief stay in the murky underworld, he awoke to find himself lying next to a fountain in Gondolin, Huan happily licking his face.

Character Points: Celegorm is handsome, vain and arrogant. He can also charm the feathers off of an emu. Cunning and devious, but not completely untrustworthy. Does what is best for him. Never quite got over Lulu.

Appearance: Tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Slim. Muscular.
Avatar in game: David Beckham

Likes: Hunting, fishing, archery, swordplay, dogs, kids, shiny things, poker, ale, flirting with your significant other, proving you wrong.

Dislikes: Whiners, long strategy meetings, sitting for extended periods, paisley, Beren, broccoli

Played by: Jaiden

Character Profile – Ecthelion

Ecthelion, Lio to his friends
Lord of the Fountain

Background and history:
Ecthelion was one of the lords of the city-kingdom of Gondolin, ruled by Turgon; he led the House of the Fountain, one of the city's twelve noble houses. He was the guard of the last of Gondolin's seven gates. He had the most beautiful voice and greatest musical talent of all the people of Gondolin. He wore a helmet adorned with a silver spike.

He led a wing of Gondolin's forces at the disastrous Nírnaeth Arnoediad (Battle of Unnumbered Tears) and defended a flank as Turgon retreated. He fought valiantly in the defense of the city when it was finally attacked and taken by Morgoth's armies. It was he who fought Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs in single combat: standing alone defending a wounded Tuor, he slew and was slain by Morgoth's mightiest captain.

He killed three Balrogs before his final duel, but lost the use of both his shield-arm and sword-arm in the process. Weaponless, he drove his helmet's spike deep into Gothmog's breast, and they fell into the fountain together, entangled.

Thereafter his name became a warcry of the Eldar, and a terror to the Orcs. Possible wielder of Orcrist, mate to King Turgon's sword Glamdring, and later the sword of Thorin Oakenshield.

Character Points:
Lio and Turgon are best friends, and have been since they were young. He's loyal to Turgon, although does have something of an independent and contrary streak. Lio's very good at his job of Captain of the Guard, and takes his responsibilities seriously. However, he does like to let loose and have a good time when off duty. Has a wry sense of humor. Loves music.

He's a bit passive when it comes to relationships, so he's usually the one people come on to, rather than coming on to anyone. He can be easily lead, although he's got a strong sense of self-preservation, and it's hard to take advantage of him. For the most part, he's pretty easy going, but when he does get angry, it's hard for him to forgive and forget.

Appearance: Tall, dark hair, light eyes, handsome, pretty much like all the elves.
Face: Kevin Zegers

Likes: Boys AND girls; his best friend, playing his flute, singing, fountains, Chinese dumplings.

Dislikes: Red wine, arguing, crime in the city, white chocolate.

Played by: Snacky


Character Profile – Feanor

Fëanáro Curufinwë
Fefe, but only call him that if you’re his wife, one of his brothers, or expecting a punch in the face.

Background and history:
You should go to the Tolkien Gateway and read all about him, or we’ll be here all day. But here are some highlights:

"For Fëanor was made the mightiest in all parts of body and mind: in valour, in endurance, in beauty, in understanding, in skill, in strength and subtlety alike: of all the Children of Ilúvatar, and a bright flame was in him."

Fëanor was a prince of the Noldor. He had the greatest skill of word and hand, a renowned craftsman, gem-smith, and warrior. Fëanor created the Silmarils, which was his most famous deed, and also wrought the palantíri and the Fëanorian lamps. In addition, he invented the widely-used Tengwar script. His passionate hatred of Morgoth and terrible Oath lead directly to the great triumphs and tragedies of the First Age.

Fëanáro Curufinwë was the eldest and most beloved son of Finwë, the High King of the Noldor, and his first wife Míriel Serindë. He drew so much of Míriel's life energy when he was born that she grew weary of life, and departed to Lórien, where she voluntarily left her corporeal form, and died. Finwë remarried, and had two more sons, Fëanor's half-brothers Fingolfin and Finarfin, and two daughters, Findis and Irimë. Fëanor wedded Nerdanel, daughter of Mahtan, who bore him seven sons: Maedhros, Maglor, Celegorm, Caranthir, Curufin, Amrod and Amras.

At this time, Melkor, the mightiest of the Valar and source of evil, had deceived the Valar into thinking that he had repented of his evil ways. Pardoned and residing in Valinor, he undertook to corrupt the Noldor and succeeded in making them instruments of his malice, particularly Fëanor. But Fëanor greatly mistrusted Melkor, which was part of Melkor's plan.

His shinies, and the theft thereof: In the greatest of his achievements, Fëanor captured the light of the Two Trees to make the three Silmarils, also called the Great Jewels. He prized the Silmarils above all else, and grew increasingly suspicious that the Valar and other Eldar coveted them. He either vainly displayed the jewels or jealously guarded them from all except his immediate family.

Melkor, surrounded by an impenetrable black fog, came to Fëanor's vault in Formenos. Finwë the High King fought and lost against Melkor, and was the first elf to be slain in Valinor. Melkor ransacked the vault, taking many valuable jewels. Most notably, he was responsible for the thievery of the Silmarils.

Wicked Deeds Abound: Fëanor, upon learning of his father's murder and the theft of his prized Silmarils, named Melkor "Morgoth", or "Black Enemy". Now King of the Noldor, Fëanor delivered the most impassioned speech ever given in Arda, which he unwittingly filled with Morgoth's taint. He railed against the Dark Lord, but because of Morgoth's influence, he also blamed the Valar for Morgoth's deeds. He persuaded most his people that because the Valar had abandoned them, the Noldor must follow him to Middle-earth and fight the Dark Lord. Fëanor then swore the terrible Oath of Fëanor which all seven of his sons also proclaimed, vowing to fight anyone and everyone—whether Elf, Man, Maia, or Vala—who withheld the Silmarils, and invoking even Ilúvatar as a witness. This Oath led to much conflict and later caused great tragedy among his seven sons, as they were bound to it after his death to recover the Silmarils, thus determining the events of Middle-earth during the First Age.

Seeking a way to get to Middle-earth, he went to the shores of Aman, where the seafaring Teleri lived, and demanded the use of their ships. When Teleri refused to give or lend their ships, Fëanor ordered the Noldor to take the ships. The Teleri resisted, and a battle broke out, in which many of the Teleri were slain, for they were armed with mere hunting bows, against the fully armed Noldor. Thus Fëanor added accomplishment to his curriculum vitae: inventor of the concept and act of Kinslaying.

There were not enough ships to carry all of the Noldor across the sea, so Fëanor and his sons led the first group. Upon arriving at Losgar in the far west of Beleriand, they decided to burn the ships and leave the followers of Fingolfin behind. The earth being flat in those days, the remaining Noldor saw the flames, and perceived that if they were to go to Middle-earth, they had no choice but to cross the Helcaraxë. This they did under the leadership of Fingolfin, and suffered great losses along the way, which greatly added to the animosity they had for Fëanor and his sons.

Badass in Beleriand: Learning of the Noldor's arrival, Morgoth summoned his armies from his fortress of Angband and attacked Fëanor's encampment in Mithrim. This battle was called the Dagor-nuin-Giliath("Battle under the Stars"), for the Sun and Moon had not yet been made. The Noldor managed to win the battle and disperse Morgoth's armies. Fëanor, still in a great rage, pressed on toward Angband with his sons. He came even within sight of Angband, but was ambushed by a force of Balrogs, with few elves about him. He fought mightily, hewing even after receiving several wounds from Gothmog, lord of Balrogs.

As Fëanor was being carried off the battlefield, he knew his wounds were fatal. He cursed Angband thrice, but with the eyes of death, he knew that his elves, unaided, would never throw down the dark towers. At the moment of his death the passing of his fiery spirit reduced his body to ashes. He was the only person to die this way, for no death like his were ever seen or heard.

Too hot to handle, too cold to hold: Feanor was also unique in that his spirit remained in the Halls of Mandos and was not reincarnated in Valinor. It is said that he will return only for Dagor Dagorath, and will finally reclaim his beloved Silmarils, and then surrender them to Yavanna.

Character Points:
Fëanor's back, baby, and he's better than ever!

Not really.

He was surprised to find himself in Gondolin and out of the Halls of Mandos, but decided that since he was given a second chance, he should make the best of it. Making the best of it means staying in his workshop most of the time, working on all kinds of projects (some may be secret and sinister - don't ask him about it), and avoiding people the best he can. The avoidance is both in repentance for the things he’s done – he feels guilty about mostsome of it, but he’s not exactly sorry, although he’s learning that apologies can go a long way – and because he just doesn’t really like most people.

He has released his sons from the Oath, as he’s learned it pretty much destroyed all of their lives. He does love his kids, and that may be the one thing he truly regrets. Still, even with releasing them, he wants his Silmarils back. And Morgoth destroyed. He has plans for that last one, but he’s sitting on them for the time being.

Fëanor seems quiet, but it's just that he's keeping himself very tightly under control. He's still rather megalomaniacal and angry all the time, but he keeps reminding himself that he's been given a second chance at life and not to screw it up by killing anyone this time around. This is no guarantee that he won’t snap and start killing everyone again, but he keeps reminding himself not to.

Please don’t get him wet. Or feed him after midnight.

Appearance: Tall, really tall. Dark. Handsome. Looks either preoccupied or cranky most of the time. Don’t let that fool you. He knows everything that’s going on around him.
Face: Goran Višnjic

Likes: Working at his forge, fire, swords, inventing things, quiet, coffee, his sons, his wife, and his Silmarils (not necessarily in that order).

Dislikes: Tabasco sauce, curry, most people, Morgoth, thieves.

Played by: Snacky

Character Profile – Fingon the Valiant

Sindarin: Fingon
Quenya: Findekano
Sar: The Valiant Pancake, Balrog Bait

Background and history: Fingon had a perfectly normal, perfectly good life, thanks very much, until that time his Uncle went crazy, convinced the family they all needed to move to Middle Earth, killed a bunch of people, and then left them to die in the grinding ice. He still has a lot of issues surrounding that one that come up when it gets cold out.

Fingon has more issues stemming from the fact that his best friend was kidnapped by Morgorth, kept prisoner, and lost his hand when Fingon finally found and rescued him. He has issues with that too, but it's not like he's going around angsting or anything, it's more a thing he never talks about.

Besides the issues, Fingon's also the one to throw himself whole heartedly into most endeavors. While he's definitely not a planner, he's a do-er who ensures that stuff happens and is usually right there making it happen. He's the boldest of his siblings, determined, and doesn't take no for an answer well. He also constantly needs to be doing something, which means he's usually begging his brother for a list of things to do.

Character Points: Fingon is more impulsive than his brother, and he's also got a hand in just about every event going on in the city. He's probably more apt to play good cop than bad, coming off as generally nice, and well liked, even though he has a penchant for accidentally having dangerous situations fall into his lap.

Appearance: Tall, dark haired.
Face: Louis Prades

Likes: dark chocolate, shopping, children (he'd seriously love to have, like, twenty of them), dogs, music, Maedhros, His family, having projects to do, blue, tea, high places, smoking,

Dislikes: His reputation as a kinslayer, blood (that is to say, he can handle it on the battlefield just fine but afterwards, or when it doesn't have to do with war wounds, he doesn't cope well), injustice, Being In Charge, Feanor, coffee

Played by: Sar

Character Profile – Lúthien of Doriath

Sindarin: Lúthien (meaning ‘enchantress’)

Background and history:
Lúthien is the daughter of King Elu Thingol and Melian the Maia, born in Doriath in the time of starlight before the advent of the sun and the moon. She lived the majority of her life in peace within the borders of the kingdom, protected from outside threats by her mother’s magic.

She fell in love with Beren, a human man who unwittingly stumbled into Doriath, and though her father forbade her, she followed Beren on a nigh-suicidal quest to retrieve one of the Silmarils that Morgoth had stolen years before. She and Beren were subsequently married, died briefly, and then released from Mandos’ halls to live another forty years in Middle-earth as man and wife. Lúthien bore one son, Dior, who became King of Doriath after her father was killed.

This Lúthien wouldn’t know about any of that, though; she comes from a point in time before any of those events unfolded. She’s never even seen a human in person before, and she knows of the sons of Feanor but she hasn’t met them.

Character Points: While she might seem like the embodiment of sweetness and light at first glance, Lúthien can actually be quite stubborn, and she isn’t above playful mischief-making when the mood strikes her. As the beloved princess of a powerful realm, she is used to getting her way in most situations, but she knows how to choose her battles. Lúthien is not a warrior by any stretch of the imagination, but she is an accomplished enchantress.

Appearance: Described at length and in some very poetic language as the most beautiful of the children of Ilúvatar. She is tall and fair, with black hair and gray eyes. She is usually depicted wearing blue and gold.
Face: Bridget Regan

Likes: Singing and dancing, music, starlight, flowers, grassy meadows, creeks and streams, jewels and shiny things and pretty dresses.
Dislikes: Sitting still for too long, boredom, isolation, being ignored, wars and kinslayings.

Played by: Mochi

Character Profile – Maedhros

Maedhros, Nelyafinwe, Maitimo, Russandol

Background and history:
Maedhros was the eldest of the seven sons of Fëanor. With his family, he traveled far and wide in Valinor. During his travels, he befriended Fingon, who he loved as a best friend. His father was not happy about that.

Following his father’s banishment from Tirion, Maedhros lived in Formenos with this family. They returned to Tirion, however, after Maedhros brought tidings of Finwë’s murder and the theft of the Silmarilli to his father and Manwë. Fëanor’s fiery words led the Noldor to Middle-earth and the Fëanorians to swear their father’s terrible oath to pursue anyone who kept the Silmarils from their possession.

Character Points: More willing than his father and brothers to listen to reason and try to compromise. Rational. Diplomatic. Kind.

Appearance: Tall, red hair, blue eyes. Looks rather young and has two hands.
Face: Bartek Borowiec

Played by: Jai


Character Profile – Turgon 'the Wise'

Sindarin: Turgon
Quenya: Turukáno

Background and history: Turgon has a lot of regrets and most start with his uncle Feanor and end with his wife's death on the ice. Now he's running a city as smoothly as he can.

Sometimes prone to taking the extreme response to problems (he's sent assassins after Eol), his best friend Ecthelion can often talk him into something more gentler, like not killing all the suddenly appearing humans.

He has a passion for all the new types of cooking that are appearing in his city and despite himself is starting to enjoy the strange thriving life mortals invading his city is giving it. But he knows it's just a matter of time before something bad appears, and isn't sure what he'll do when it happens.

And he'd like to know what exactly is happening.

Character Points: Turgon is hard-working and long-suffering. He generally makes the right decisions, hence 'the wise'.

Appearance: Tall, with pale skin and blue eyes. Dark haired. Looks weirdly like Ecthelion.
Face: Ian Somerhalder

Likes: Efficiency, curry, rice wrapped in leaves, and listening to his engineers explain the new irrigation systems they've worked out to grow the interesting plants and other food sources they're discovering.

Dislikes: Death marches, genocide, being reminded of his part in it.

Played by: John

Character Profile – Eowyn

The White Lady of Rohan
Lady of Ithilien

Background and history:
Éowyn was a noblewomanand Shieldmaiden of Rohan, daughter of Éomund and Theodwyn, younger sister of Éomer and niece of King Théoden. Forced to spend most of her youth caring for Théoden in his declining years, she yearned for an opportunity to prove herself in battle. She was driven to near-suicidal despair by her situation, and her unrequited love for Aragorn.

When she was rebuffed by the men she longed to accompany into battle, she disguised herself as a man and accompanied the Rohirrim army to Minas Tirith, where she won great renown in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields by slaying the Witch-King of Angmar, with the help of the hobbit Meriadoc Brandybuck, whom she had carried with her. Severely wounded by the Ring Wraith, she nearly died, but recovered with Aragorn's help in The Houses of Healing. There she met Faramir, the Steward of Gondor, and fell in love with him. The two married and settled in Ithilien after the war.

Character Points:
” I will be a shieldmaiden no longer, nor vie with the great Riders, nor take joy only in the songs of slaying. I will be a healer, and love all things that grow and are not barren.”

This is a much older Éowyn. She’s been married to Faramir for several years, and with him has six sons, most of whom are adults. She’s been a healer for years as well, and this is the role she plays in Gondolin, which is in desperate need of human healers, what with the arrival of all the humans. She’s also has some skill at healing Elves, taught to her by Aragorn.

Éowyn misses her husband and family very much, but has decided that until she can find a way back to them, she will live a good and useful life in Gondolin. She’s pleased to know both Théoden and Théodred, although it’s hard for her to get used to them so young.

She takes Melkor in, not knowing that it’s actually Melkor, but believing him to be a traumatized little girl.

Appearance: Éowyn is still very beautiful; tall, slim, pale, and graceful, with long golden hair.
Face: Meryl Streep

Likes: Healing, taking care of people, gardening, cooking, children.

Dislikes: Arrogant people, trolls, rum drinks.

Played by: Snacky

Character Profile – Grima

Names Grima, son of Galmod

Background and history: He's not the biggest Rohirrim, but Grima gets by on his wits easily enough. He wants power and respect, but is too weak to gain the first easily, but can fake it enough to get a modicum of the first until people start to realize he's really not a nice man. He's a rare Rohirrim who can read and write.

He was one of the first arrivals to Gondolin and as he wasn't royalty, he wasn't offered a job as a government advisor, but quickly found a place as a scribe recording the history he knows.

He can't stop himself from scheming and has ties to the burgeoning human criminal underground in Gondolin and earns money on the side stealing information for higher ups in the organizations. He does intend, however, to try and worm his way up higher, but isn't opposed to gaining power in the opposite direction, working for Turgon.

Character Points: Grima is not a nice man, but he keeps on the right side of the line to keep out of trouble. His education gave him a sense of superiority back in Rohan that's been diminished slightly among elves, but it takes a lot for him to think of someone as better than him.

Appearance: Short, slim, pale, and blond.
Avatar in game: Harry Llyod

Likes: Power, women, respect, the lack of horse shit in Gondolin.

Dislikes: Feeling like he's not getting what's due to him, having to spend time on people he feels are beneath him.

Played by: John


Character Profile – Idis

A woman must shine, cherished among her people. She must be open hearted and generous with the horses and treasure. With the honor she must offer the cup to her lord's hand. She must know what is wise for both of them as rulers in the hall.

-Maxim from the Exeter Book

Background and history:

Idis is a first draft Rings character. Initially, Theoden didn't have a son, and the first Marshal of the Mark was someone else, and Eowyn had a cousin. Then Eowyn's role got bigger so Tolkien decided to do the kill your darlings thing. It happens! Uh anyway.

Idis is the daughter of Theoden and Elfhild, and their only child, seeing as Elfhild died in childbirth, similar to Theodred's story, and has grown up as a princess of Rohan. In terms of game canon, she's 23 years old and her young cousins Eomer and Eowyn have come to live in the Golden Hall as of last year. She's especially fond of Eowyn, and given their age difference is more like an aunt than a cousin or sibling to her.

Idis is unmarried and has no plans to change that in the future, seeing as she knows it would likely be a political marriage, and she has no desire to leave her home and people and the ways of her land anytime soon. She's grown up with an extremely rich sense of her history, and of the old songs and ways, and, rather than marrying elsewhere for political ties, she's made it her self appointed duty to preserve these old ways as best she possibly can. She wishes the Mark to keep to her traditional means of expression and history, and has vowed to preserve the traditions, and well, to find a way to erase the damage some of the elders believe Thengel has done.

With this in mind, however, Idis also wants to ensure that the traditions are kept alive, and that others, in lands outside of the Mark are aware of the tales and old stories too. She's long wrestled with the best way to present them, and, eventually, much as it made her feel like a bad person in some ways for doing it, has been compiling the old histories into writing. She's interested in preserving and sharing, but she also worries that in doing so, she's negatively impacting the old culture and potentially marring it. It's a line that she's worried about for much of her life, but in the end, the sense of a definite preservation over any won out, and there are now copies of her recountings stored in a collection, which she has been sending out to Minas Tirith's library to be included there.

For all her love of country is strong, Idis does harbor feelings for Boromir and on her visits to Minas Tirith has been known to spend a lot of time with him. They are good friends, and, there is a part of her that hopes for something more, in large part because a soldier would understand that her love of country must come first, the same as his, and would not be likely to press her for anything she can't give him, namely a marriage or a life that consists of more than in between stops.

Character Points

Idis doesn't have a warrior's spirit by any means, and knows the field is something that would never be for her, but she's as much of a fighter as the rest of her family, she just does it through the means that are available to her. She's had the education of a scop (read: bard) and uses it, and her skills in music, to sway things to her influence whenever possible.

A bard occupies a strange position of power in society, being one of those who CAN speak out against problems as he or she sees them, but having to walk a line between speaking the truth, and being offensive. Considering her ranking in society, Idis...kind of doesn't have to deal with that last one as much as someone else, and she's never been one to deal delicately with matters of criticism, though she probably should. She's never had to deal with that kind of deferral before finding herself in Gondolin, though she was aware of it, and was rather outspoken in her way back at home.

When you don't have to worry about making money, or keeping your place in society, it's easy to be brave enough to completely speak your mind. While Idis's way of doing this is extremely politic and courtly, she was still always the one who did speak up stubbornly, who didn't mince words, and who never backed down before. In Gondolin, where things have changed, she'll be struggling to find a balance that works for her, and to become more diplomatic when it comes to dealing with these sorts of issues. I expect at some point she'll probably at least be fined for forgetting the lines and where they now stand.

She's very quiet and reserved when an instrument isn't in her hand or she's not recounting an old tale. When Idis is in the midst of one of those, or has her hand on a string, she becomes something else entirely, in a new mental place, and when she's not performing again, the stage presence tends to fade entirely, and she's a bit awkwardly quiet and kind of overly dorky.

Her voice is a bit different than people might expect if she's singing. She's probably somewhere in between the ladies I'll link in a second (please see Idis' HJ for these videos) when it comes to vocal quality, which isn't unusual in and of itself, but it's again, not quite what you're expecting from the pretty pretty princess, not that Idis plays too hard at being that. She's a bard first and foremost, and being the princess is a secondary thing, and doesn't have anything to do with what she DOES, so it's not as important to her. She can PLAY the princess if she needs it, but she feels uncomfortable with that, and hates it for the most part.

She's stubborn and fiercely protective of her family and culture, and you can bet if you mess with either one of those? You're gonna get put into a street corner song insulting you, your mom, and your horse's children. I'm sure that's going to work out really well for her, longterm.

I'm bringing Idis into the game, rather than establishing her, so this will start out extremely interestingly. While she's not a conscious jerkass or anything, there's a lot of work to be done in terms of her adjusting to stuff. So...you know. Yeah. I'm sure more will come up later on.

Appearance: Tall, thin, redhead. She looks a lot like her dad, actually. They even make similar faces, PB wise.
Avatar in game: Marina Dreux

Likes: music, the harp, the lyre, the rebec, singing, lore, history, Boromir, her family, performing, coffee (or she WILL anyway)

Dislikes: physical violence, being pressured, being patronized, being protected or fought for (just because she can't fight herself, it doesn't mean she wants you fighting a duel for her. She'll find her own way to deal with it, thanks), being treated like JUST a noble, stale mead

Played by: Sar


Character Profile – Theoden

Names Prince Theoden, son of Thengel.

Background and history: Theoden stands out at home from the other Rohirrim, or at least stands above because of his mother's high Numenorean blood. He doesn't quite fit in, his father's determined to civilize everyone, and his older male cousins who thought they were next in line for the throne and especially his aunts, are sort of out to get him,

In canon, Theoden would have overcome this and become a good and just king. In Gondolindrim canon, however, he's in the past suddenly away from all his sources of stress. Now he's hiding the fact he's a prince (as Turgon has been recruiting human royalty to help him figure out how to govern humans) and looking to find personal satisfaction in being a guard.

Character Points: Theoden is a decent fighter (stronger that his skinny frame would suggest), doesn't think ahead, somewhat accident-prone, very friendly, forgiving, and prone to pessimism. His best friend back home was Elfhild a shieldmaiden he figured he'd marry despite his father's complains about how uncivilized a fighting woman was, but he's got nothing against men.

Misses his family a lot. (Speaking of family, here's a page I wrote about the headcanon/canon mesh I use for it)

Appearance: Tall, thin, blue-eyed, redheaded. Keeps his hair in a long braid down his back. Elven heritage makes it a little hard for him to grow a beard, but that'll change as he gets older. Avatar in game: Bastien Bonizec

Likes: not dying, coffee, sugar, new gizmos, and elves.

Dislikes: dying, being savaged, being mauled, being chased by trolls, being intimidated.

Played by: John


Character Profile – Theodred

Names Theodred, son of Theoden
Dred, for the most part.

Background and history: Dred's uh...his father's son. Watching them interact leaves little doubt as to THAT. He grew up as Prince of the Mark, but that didn't mean he wasn't always a bit of a dork. Dred loves horses, A lot. He has never met a horse that he didn't want to take home and adopt and take care of, and in the past, he's brought them into the Golden Hall, as foals, if they needed extra care.

Dred tends toward the dorky side. He's insecure, kind of un-confident in his fighting abilities because he tends to mess things up physically, but he's a damned good rider and horse trainer and has managed, over time to eek out a system for mounted combat that puts him in a position where he can fake the rest. On the field anyway.

Dred also happens to be what we call legally blind in his day and age. In his case, this gives him an extremely limited field of vision to work from, and he has no night vision at all. He tends to downplay the fact by joking about the fact that he has old people eyes and stuff, but it also leads to him making a lot of mistakes that wouldn't be an issue if he could actually see what he was doing. He fights with a spear, from horseback, because that gives him a really good reach and aim and because he's spent a lot of time training horses who can help him compensate for this.

He's come into the game and said he was a noble, but not royalty, since he saw this, after meeting Theo, as a chance to just be Dred for a while, which he's been enjoying.

Character Points: Dred is a dork. No seriously. He's a big fat dork. He's really insecure about his sight and tries to hide his problems with it constantly, but manages to be pretty accident prone due to it being an issue. He's tended to downplay this fact from people where he comes from, including Theoden, not because he thinks they'd freak, but because there's not a lot to DO about it, so it'll be interesting to see if it comes out here or not.

Appearance: Tall, skinny, ginger

Likes: horses, teaching, books, donuts, horses, riding, chess, war games (if dnd were a thing? He'd play) , strategy, horses,

Dislikes: not being able to fight, looking like an idiot in front of people, being underestimated, people who think he's stupid cause he's from Rohan, disappointing people, when he's proven wrong about things.

Played by: Sar

Character Profile – Yaban


Background and history: At home Yaban was a scribe. He liked being a scribe. Then he was conscripted to fight in the war of the ring.

(he's the one that looks like he's about to wander off)

Around the point he was deciding that maybe deserting was better than possibly being eaten by an orc ally, he suddenly found himself, in full armour, in Gondlin. He immediately surrendered to a very confused fruitseller.

He found work as a scribe writing out the histories, but found that writing for over a year just from his memory and not being able to check his sources or do any research took its toll on him.

If Gondolin was a comic, Yaban would appear in the background of Grima's scribe scenes, silent and unacknowledged. First starting off with goofing off at his desk, the next time he appears stabbing at his paper, next time whacking his head on the table, next time drinking straight from a bottle of wine, next time fetal curl, and final time (this is over the course of weeks) flipping his table and running out, all without being acknowledged. And then his first speaking scene is applying at the guards

Character Points: Smart, attentive, and absolutely in horror of spending more time inside writing. But he may go back to work, the only other Easterlings that have shown up at the time of this bio have been farmers and one cardshark, so telling the history of his people is up to him.

Appearance: All human, so no taller than 5'9, light skinned, dark eyed, black hair. Looks tired.
Face: Lee Joon-Hyuk.

Likes: Learning. Running (not for his life), looking at the stars.

Dislikes: Fighting in wars for someone who's terrorized his people, orcs, sour milk.

Played by: John

Dagnir (Dagniredhel when Theo's making fun of how elves seem to find the little thing abhorrent) is Theoden's cat, which followed him home on his third day in Gondolin and feeling lonely and fond of cats, Theo took in.

Dagnir, however, isn't a normal cat. He was one of Queen Beruthiel's cats and at this point in his life fears just one thing: The white cat.

From Unfinished Tales:
Even the story of Queen Berúthiel does exist, however, if only in a very ‘primitive’ outline, in one part illegible. She was the nefarious, solitary, and loveless wife of Tarannon, twelfth King of Gondor (Third Age 830 – 913) and first of the ‘Ship-kings’, who took the crown in the name of Falastur ‘Lord of the Coasts’, and was the first childless king (The Lord of the Rings, Appendix A, I, ii and iv). Berúthiel lived in the King’s House in Osgiliath, hating the sounds and smells of the sea and the house that Tarannon built below Pelargir ‘upon arches whose feet stood deep in the wide waters of Ethir Anduin’ she hated all making, all colours and elaborate adornment, wearing only black and silver and living in bare chambers, and the gardens of the house in Osgiliath were filled with tormented sculptures beneath cypresses and yews. She had nine black cats and one white, her slaves, with whom she conversed, or read their memories, setting them to discover all the dark secrets of Gondor, so that she knew those things ‘that men wish most to keep hidden’, setting the white cat to spy upon the black, and tormenting them. No man in Gondor dared touch them; all were afraid of them, and cursed when they saw them pass. What follows is almost wholly illegible in the unique manuscript, except for the ending, which states that her name was erased from the Book of the Kings (‘but the memory of men is not wholly shut in books, and the cats of Queen Berúthiel never passed wholly out of men’s speech’), and that King Tarannon had her set on a ship alone with her cats and set adrift on the sea before a north wind. The ship was last seen flying past Umbar under a sickle moon, with a cat at the masthead and another as a figure-head on the prow.


Played by: John


Character Profile – Melkor

Melkor's bio goes here.

Played by: John

Name: Angwen

Face: Eva Green

Race: Noldor

Quick bio: Angwen is one of the veterans of Ecthelion's guard. She does her best to keep the humans in line and finds she rather likes the fast little creatures. Picked up a bad pseudo-smoking habit from them.


Name: Nyellaiwe

Face: Rosario Dawson

Race: Corsair from Umbar

Quick bio: Deciding to play it low-key in Gondolin as a guard until she gets her bearings - that and she has no idea how one pirates on dry land, even if that land is inside a lake. But physical's the only thing she knows, so it's a guard's life for Nyel.

Name: Arato

Face: Stephen Amell

Race: Gondorian/Amrothian

Quick bio: Arato's parents are apothecaries, but he felt the need to branch out into something different, and followed his uncle into Dol Amroth's knighthood, emerging from the War of the Ring as a captain there. Arato's the first to bitch and snark, the last to leave a person in need, and that guy who can't shut up. No matter how much you want him to. He knows just enough nasty medical facts to share them but not enough to be of help during a medical crisis, and is decent with a bow.


Name: Essam ibn Mahir

Face: Antonio Banderas

Race: Umbarean

Quick bio: Essam was born in Umbar and spent much of his adult life as a weaponsmaster to a noble family, and in leading the warriors of his house to fight in battles though he was essentially forced into the second one, by societal position and obligation. Eventually? He wound up HERE. He's seen it all, done it all, and isn't easily impressed by any of you idiot children (never mind he's in his late thirties at the MOST).


Name: Mithwen

Face: Laura Fraser

Race: Sindarin Elf

Quick bio: Mithwen was a "gift" from Fingon to Maedhros after Maedhros lost his hand. Not like THAT. She was hired out of Doriath as a scribe for Maedhros, and, for whatever reasons, it didn't end up working out. Fingon decided to keep her, since he really needed a secretary, and, after they got over that initial awkward period where she had an obvious, and obnoxious crush on him, their working relationship has been going well. Mith's stubborn enough to match wits with a Fingolfinian on a regular basis, though she doesn't really consider it "matching" those, extremely accident prone, and, usually, deathly serious.