Setting: Gondolin during its height, in the year 300 of the First Age

Game Location: Gondolindrim at Dreamwidth.

What was Gondolin? Gondolin was a hidden elf city, ruled by Turgon the Wise. It existed in the First Age from 126 - 510 and was destroyed in fire (and dragons). Before it all goes to heck, it's a perfect place for a bunch of time-lost people to appear, out of sight of Melkor and his army.

This takes place in the year 300 of the First Age, during Gondolin's height. Humans have been 'awake' for a mere 300 years, and most elves in the city have never even seen one, let alone many of the other species that populate Middle Earth making their way via time displacement to Gondolin.

Scenario: Something is very wrong. People are appearing where and when they shouldn't be, and it's all focused on Gondolin. Feanorians dead and gone walk the streets, shoulder to shoulder with Rohirrim from the War of the Ring, and there's hobbits in the weirdest places. Wargs appear in the sewers, and there's always the chance a dragon will appear on the main street.

Features of this timey-wimey mish-mash: Gondolin now features a blend of modern and Silmarillion-era tech, gifts from the knowledge picked from future visitors. Fridges hum along while horses are still essential to travel. Turgon is getting a little worried since democracy's been brought up. Things will change and evolve as the elves learn more.

What is causing these problems with time and space have yet to be discovered.

Characters: Any non-deity Tolkien characters (Silm, Lotr, Hobbit) along with, once you have an established canon character, OCs based in Tolkien canon, such as Haradrim, Easterlings, Dunlenders, non-royals, etc. Race appearance is based on who does it first. If the first person to create a Gondorian uses an East Indian PB (this is not contradicted by the description given for them in the text), future Gondorians of a similar background must use the same.

Current Cast Page

Canons: The main books (Silm, Lotr, Hobbit), as well we will accept (you must provide all the relevant information) items from the roleplaying games and alternate first early draft timelines. We are currently working on what a future would be like from a past like LotR for possible character creation. We've gotten as far as figuring Nikola Tesla would exist anyway and is currently one of the forces behind the modernization of Gondolin.

Game rating: PG-13
What does this entail? It means no explicit logs/threads/posts (in the sex and violence sense, and that we'd prefer you stay away from certain plots like rape). No nudity in pictures.

Interactions with other players:

Your mods are Benedict and Snacky, who can be reached at gondolindrim at thefannish period org


The places I (Benedict) tend to go for icons is:

PB Updates - excellent tag system from race, age, hair colour.
Wikicon - memories are an amazing resource.

Note: I don't know any LJ or DW communities for this, if you know them, tell me!

Background Information:

Need quick info on a character? I suggest Wikipedia and Tolkien Gateway.


For stuff from the appendices, art, and maps, I (Benedict) actually have a lot of those resources on hand so if you just contact me I can see how I can help.

For everything else, there's google.

Further notes on the setting:

In Middle Earth there is a variety of creatures, the fellbeasts, the watcher in the water, the barrow-wights, oliphaunts, and the semi- and fully-sentient, such as cave-trolls, trolls, goblins, and other creatures that never received full description. (Links to concept art and captures from the movie: 1, 2, 3.)

To flesh it out further, much of the wild-life is typical North American/European pre-industrial life, but liberally mixed in is megafauna and the occasional mythological beast. (However, for the sake of Snacky, no giant dragonflies)

Gondolin, as shown on the map, is built on a giant lake. There's creatures in the water, no problem to the elves that know about them, but it's not advised to try and escape the city by water. Surrounding the city is farmland tended to by elves and beyond that the mountains that keep the city hidden. Giant eagles can be seen in the sky guarding the city from spies and keeping a general eye on things.

A quirk of the problems currently plaguing Gondolin is that all spoken language can be understood. This does not extend to written text.

Weather will be the same as the Vancouver, British Columbia or whatever we need at that specific moment.


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